Applied Informatics Group

Systems Engineering

We believe that it is important to carry out research with integrated systems that allow to investigate interactions in more natural situations. While very restricted experimental set-ups are necessary to investigate and isolate specific interaction factors, we believe it is necessary to validate these effects in less controlled situations to get a better understanding of their role in interaction technology in everyday situations.


We therefore closely collaborate with CITEC’s Central Lab Facilities (CLF) and the Cognitive Systems Engineering (CSE)  group to make use of state-of-the-art engineering methods for robotics systems and contribute to integrated research infrastructures such as the Cognitive Service Robotics Apartment. Here, the collaboration yields a valuable research environment supporting researchers (1) to develop reproducible experiments on human-robot and human-machine interaction, (2) to easily record rich experimental data ranging from system event logs synchronized with video- and audio-data in human-editable annotation formats and (3) to integrate and investigate new functionalities and capabilities with comparably little overhead.

Recent Best Paper/Poster Awards

Goal Babbling of Acoustic-Articulatory Models with Adaptive Exploration Noise
Philippsen A, Reinhart F, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob) 


Are you talking to me? Improving the robustness of dialogue systems in a multi party HRI scenario by incorporating gaze direction and lip movement of attendees
Richter V, Carlmeyer B, Lier F, Meyer zu Borgsen S, Kummert F, Wachsmuth S, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human-agent Interaction (HAI) 


"Look at Me!": Self-Interruptions as Attention Booster?
Carlmeyer B, Schlangen D, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human Agent Interaction (HAI)


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