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The humanoid robot iCub, developed at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), has 53 motors that move the head, arms & hands, the waist, and legs. It has state-of-the-art sensing in terms of vision (cameras) as well as movement (accelerometers and gyroscopes). iCub serves as a research platform for learning in a social context in scenarios like detecting the time slots in which the important tutoring is going on, keeping an interaction going via feedback, getting the inside structure of the tutored content or acting as a social receptionist robot.

Image of the iCub platform

Associated Scenarios

Receptionist Scenario

Associated Projects

SFB 673 Project C1 "Interaction Space"

External References

iCub website

iCub Project at the CoR-Lab (restricted)

Recent Best Paper/Poster Awards

Goal Babbling of Acoustic-Articulatory Models with Adaptive Exploration Noise
Philippsen A, Reinhart F, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Development and Learning and on Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob) 


Are you talking to me? Improving the robustness of dialogue systems in a multi party HRI scenario by incorporating gaze direction and lip movement of attendees
Richter V, Carlmeyer B, Lier F, Meyer zu Borgsen S, Kummert F, Wachsmuth S, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human-agent Interaction (HAI) 


"Look at Me!": Self-Interruptions as Attention Booster?
Carlmeyer B, Schlangen D, Wrede B (2016)
International Conference on Human Agent Interaction (HAI)


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