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From search to delivery: A systems approach to robust object grasping for a mobile robot

TitleFrom search to delivery: A systems approach to robust object grasping for a mobile robot
Publication TypeMaster Thesis
AuthorsTöniges, T.
AbstractNowadays a challenge of service robotics is the interaction of the robot with its environment. Especially the grasping and the exact localisation of objects is important for a robotic system which is working in the household. Particularly if a robot should be able to work with humans, it has to be reactive due to disturbances of its environment. This thesis introduces a system, which is able to search for an object in the local surrounding of a given rough object position and to grasp the localised object. The overall searching and grasping task is divided into independent sub-behaviours which increase the re-usability of the developed system. Furthermore a reactive behaviour is presented which enables the robotic system to respond to disturbances as well as sensory failures. A platform independent hierarchical software architecture enables the system to work on different robots. The robust approach and particular the reactive behaviour of the searching and grasping procedure was shown in an evaluation on a mobile manipulator platform.
Academic DepartmentFaculty of Technology

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