Applied Informatics Group

BWorld Robot Control Software

BWorld is a modular framework for direct control of a robots actuators. It visualizes the current position and displays sensor readings, including cameras. At the moment, it is supports the BARTHOC robot platform.



  • direct actuator control
  • high-level network interface
  • scripting support


Screenshot of BWorld BWorld offers a network interface for remote control of the robot. This network interface is high-level, i.e. one can directly have the robot point at something by specifying the objects position, instead of having to set actuators directly. This same approach is also used for gaze direction and other high-level motions. The network representation of these motions is generic and has also been applied for the BIRON platform. BIRON obviously realizes them differently, but the control interface is the same.


For use of BWorld, contact Ingo Lütkebohle. Members of AGAI can check it out at using Subversion from

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